Friday, August 13, 2010

Blue, blue, blue ... !!!

Ian likes to explore painting with a variety of objects, everything except brushes. He enjoys seeing the design that objects print on the paper and especially the sound effects of printing :-)

This week we used two kitchen utensils: a potato masher and an ice-cube tray. He enjoyed both activities and, even though he does not care too much about the finished work, I love them!

Using a potato masher: He liked the design the potato masher produced, especially when the colors started to blend. He was curious about the design of the masher and not only made prints on the paper, but on his face (and mine); he liked the cold feel of the metal in his face.

Don't they look gorgeous?

He also likes to pour the paints. Now he knows how to screw lids, there’s always a danger that he’ll waste the paint :-) . The only color he can pronounce by name is “blue”, so he refers to any color as "blue" ... every so often he asked for more "blue, blue, blue..."

By the way, I did use styrofoam plates which I stuck to the table with adhesive tape, but the potato masher kept adhering to the plate and when Ian pulled it, he lifted the plate as well. I should have used some flat heavy dishes.

Using an ice-cube tray. I thought Ian would like painting the ice-cube tray with a paint roller and, I was not wrong (actually he spent most of his time doing so); however, it complicated the printing process as Ian had to learn how to turn over the tray, before pressing it onto the paper. Again, pouring paint is a bonus! "blue, blue, blue..." :-)

And here is the bright masterpiece:


  1. I've organized potato masher art activity in my class, too.
    If you want, check it out here (Valentine theme):

  2. Man, he's cute. Looks like one of my students from long ago :) I love the concentration on his face. Nice job Mama!



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