Sunday, August 1, 2010

Thank you! Thank you!

Last week, I was honored to receive two awards!!! Coming from two Montessorians, I'm flattered!

The "Wild About Your Blog" award is from Leptir

I am an avid follower of her blog, so I am so happy that she nominated Raising Ian.

Maria at Forskoleburken passed me the "Versatile Blogger" award. She is a preschool teacher working in a Montessori school and sharing her experience in her blog. It is somewhat new to me, however, I am really enjoying it as well. Be sure to check out her blog, too.
The Versatile Blogger has these rules:
Rule Number 1. Thanks the person who gave you the award! Thank you, Thank you!!
Rule Number 2. Share 7 things about you
  1. I am 38 years old
  2. I am a very shy and introspective person.
  3. When I met my husband, we both thought our relationship was "almost impossible" because I'd been living in Chile and he'd been living in Uruguay. One year and a half after, I moved to Uruguay to live with him.
  4. I spent the two last months of my pregnancy in Chile while my husband was working in Uruguay. He arrived to Chile 6 hours before Ian's birth without knowing I had already gone into labor. How lucky we were!!!
  5. Ian was born on the same date that my father died, 20 years ago. One reason more for naming my son "Ian", which means "Gift of God".
  6. I just discovered "Raw Food" and I am very happy to eat such delicious and healthy food.
  7. Today is the first day of  an Online Teacher Training course, hosted by Karen Tyler who is the founder and instructor for Montessori Worldwide Album Class and runs A Montessori Marketplace. I am very excited!!!
Rule Number 3. Pass the award to 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and think are FABULOUS!

The thing number 8 of me is I am very bad following rules. I will pass the award to 10 blogs:


  1. Thank you so very much Sandy!!!!

  2. Woouu..THANK YOU Sandy!! I am very excited that you nominated my blog! Thank you very much for give me some of your valuable time checking out my blog...and also thank you for you lovely comments.
    Best regards, have a green day!

  3. Thank you Sandy!! I just started my blog last week, this makes me feel so amazing. You are fantastic.

  4. Thank you very much for thinking of me for this award. I also enjoy your blog and think your are doing a wonderful job with your son and your observations.

  5. Hey thanks so much Sandy! Great to find your blog this way too! Looks like you are one busy mumma! Cant wait to read more. Cheers. (:



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