Sunday, July 4, 2010

Getting ready for the blackouts

The wet season has started and I understand it last for three to four months. The storms cause blackouts or partial blackouts as well as internet and telephone failures. We heard that every year the wet season starts on June 24th, Saint John’s Day, so Ian and I took some measures to prepare for the blackouts.
Ian learnt how to use a flashlight. He really enjoys shining it here and there, and then follows the light.

Then we prepared some candles. We do not have a purpose-built candle-holder yet so we used different bottles, which made the task more challenging for Ian; some of them required several attempts and some strength to push the candles into the bottlenecks.
That reminded me that Ian likes the little candles I use for aromatherapy. I took off the base of these candles and had Ian attempt to place the candles in the bases.

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  1. There are flashlights you have to turn to get them to run...that'd build up strength in his hands and wrist & save $ on batteries while being environmentally friendly. They also make this whining sound the faster they're wound and the kids LOVE them...from my youngest to my oldest...although they drive me nuts but I think that's just the whole tornado scare really...




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