Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sensory Play with Goop

Corn starch goop was a big hit with Ian. It is very fun stuff, a great sensory experience. Corn starch mixed with water has wonderful and unique physical properties: this mixture will feel like liquid sometimes and sometimes it will feel solid.
First, Ian poured the dry corn starch into a tub and I let him feel the powder between his fingers.

After experimenting with the dry corn starch, he added water to it and mixed it with his bare hands. This created an impressive substance that Ian enjoyed touching and squeezing in his hands.

Next I added food coloring into the mixture and Ian mixed it with his hands. He liked watching how the colors swirled and blended in.

Then he decided to feel the texture with his bare feet. He had a lot of fun getting into and out of the tub. It was a great balancing exercise for him.

As Ian likes to make footprints on the floor every time he has wet feet, he attempted to run around the backyard but the goop was so slippery and we moved to the grass where he continued getting into and out of the tub until he fell and made me laugh :-) It got funnier because Ian loves to splash in puddles.

ut the fun was not finished yet. After that he poured clean water in the tub and sat there for a while and looked at his painted face in a mirror.

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