Monday, July 12, 2010

A pizza for Daddy

Daddy likes pizza, specially on Fridays, so, last Friday, I wanted Ian to surprise him preparing a pizza. This was the first time Ian participated that much preparing food. Even when he went away after finishing each step, he always came back for the next one.

He’s not mastered the use of the knife yet but did his best cutting the ham and the sausages and of course eating lot of the pieces :-)

He also helped spooning the olives from the jar. It was not easy as the jar neck was narrow, but he did not give up and got two olives that transferred to the tray where I was separating the ingredients. I did not have to point where to put them, he did it by himself.

He attempted to grate the cheese for first time. It seemed he liked it, so I will set up an activity to grate soap later.

Then he squeezed the baggies of tomato sauce all over the pizza dough and used a cheese knife (and his hands) to spread it. It was really a mess, there was tomato sauce everywhere including my camera.

Finally, he sprinkled the remaining ingredients over the sauce.

It was lots of fun!

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